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For many years, sports car clubs of the Northwest have been conducting hillclimbs, which are timed events on closed, paved roads. The goal of the drivers is to try their darndest to be the quickest one up the hill. If they can't be the fastest up the hill, they certainly try to be the quickest in their class.

The Northwest Hillclimb Association (NHA) was formed so licenses could be issued to run the Knox Mtn Hillclimb in Canada. Eventually NHA began and continues to:
. acquire insurance at a reasonable rate for the sports car clubs in the Northwest,
. provide a uniform set of rules regarding classing of cars,
. and, most importantly, promote both track and technical SAFETY.

We do this strictly for fun and we stress FUN. Prize money is not involved, only bragging rights, and the class trophy at the end of the year. Presently there are six hillclimbs sanctioned by the Northwest Hillclimb Association. They are Cascade Lakes (Ashland, OR), Freeze Out (Emmet, ID), Larrison Rock (Oakridge, OR), Bible Creek (Sheridan, OR), Bogus Basin (Boise, ID), and, now, Pioneer Mountain (Polaris, MT).

Wow, the season is over again. Cascade Lakes, Emmet, Larrison Rock, Bible Creek, Bogus Basin, and the new one at Pioneer Mountain in Montana all went with few hitches, beautiful weather, beautiful locations, and absolutely no serious accidents. There was a wonderful amount of community involvement at Pioneer Mountain with the volunteer fire department providing the best level of safety, personel for corner coverage, and communications we've ever had. Thanks also to Bogus Basin Hillclimb Assoc. for providing timing!

Here's to new, faster, better cars next year!

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