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  • Address: 61414 Phoenix Rd
    South Haven, Michigan
    United States
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GingerMan Raceway was developed by Dan Schnitta, a successful businessman from Chicago. Mr. Schnitta started his business career in real estate and has acquired many unique and successful entities, GingerMan Raceway being his most recent. Currently, his other main business venture is the GingerMan Tavern, a busy but friendly neighborhood watering hole at 3740 N. Clark St., one block north of Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Existing course: 1.88 miles = 9,926.4 feet + new extension
1,770 feet (2010 season addition) = 2.21 MILE ROADCOURSE.

GingerMan Raceway is a private road-racing course situated on a 350-acre site. The track is 1.88 miles long, twisting left and right and up and down on the naturally rolling landscape. It simulates a country road, but without the risks to pedestrians and oncoming traffic and eliminates other hazards such as ditches, phone poles, trees and other objects. This relatively new facility was built on vacant farmland, which contained aged and past-their-prime apple and cherry orchards. The track layout was developed by Alan Wilson of Motorsports Development, Denver, Colorado, to take advantage of the natural terrain. Track grading and paving was done by Klett Construction Company, a local firm, using special polymerized asphalt material formulated to stand up to the stresses of racing and Michigan winters.

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